About The Dirty Fork


The Dirty Fork is apart of the Align Farms group. Align started in 2012 with a vision to create a multi-generational, pasture to plate, food production business. They had a clear goal in mind; finding a better balance for their teams, their farms, and their environment.

In 2020 they begun the conversation about the health of their teams and what their future looked like. It was then they made a goal to supply 60% of their team's diets from their land. Already supplying them meat and milk they then researched for an on farm vege garden and portable chicken trailer for eggs. In August 2021 The Dirty Fork was born and .3ha was converted to a market garden, this is located on Align Clareview in Westerfield, Mid Canterbury. Clareview has also embarked on a multi-year study of regenerative farming and we apply these practices to the garden.

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A green thumb, Liz grows all our produce in the garden. As a true foodie she enjoys experimenting with the produce grown in the garden. She creates delicious meals, and we plan to share these with you. 


Maple is a Springer spaniel and loves anything you can throw for her to catch. She also loves bringing back any scraps you put in the compost pile...


Kiri manages Align Clareview farm and oversees the market garden. Kiri and her husband Rhys are the founders of The Dirty Fork, being committed to supplying their teams with nutrient dense food. 


The Dirty Fork is situated in Westerfeld, Mid Canterbury. 20 Minutes inland from Tinwald, Ashburton. 


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